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Road safety is our purpose. Eliminating distracted driving is our #1 priority.

The Dori Slosberg Foundation is a charity.

A non-governmental, non-profit, public service organization dedicated to traffic safety for the last 14 years. Established in 2004, our foundation received 501c(3) status in 2005 and is an influential force in reversing the deadly statistics our roadways produce.  

Our foundation distributes the necessary tools that help the public drive safely and end distracted and dangerous driving behavior. We have become an influential force in the war against distracted driving and driving fatalities our roadways produce

Our Chairman Representative Irving Slosberg passed legislation in 2002, the Dori Slosberg Driver Education Safety Act. To date, Representative Slosberg’s legislation has brought in over 85 million dollars to public and private high schools. His legislation ensures that the money goes directly to the Drivers Education department, and not administrative expenses.

The Dori Slosberg Driver Education Safety Act (318.1215):

Notwithstanding the provisions of s. 318.121, a board of county commissioners may require, by ordinance, that the clerk of the court collect an additional $5 with each civil traffic penalty, which shall be used to fund driver education programs in public and nonpublic schools. The ordinance shall provide for the board of county commissioners to administer the funds, which shall be used for enhancement, and not replacement, of driver education program funds. The funds shall be used for direct educational expenses and shall not be used for administration. Each driver education program receiving funds pursuant to this section shall require that a minimum of 30 percent of a student’s time in the program be behind-the-wheel training. This section may be cited as the “Dori Slosberg Driver Education Safety Act.”

One of The Dori Slosberg Foundation’s biggest concerns is the safety of our teen drivers. Safety on Roadways is our core mission. Statistics indicate one group, teen drivers, constitutes the largest percentage of automobile crashes in our state. Short on experience and long on energy, teen drivers need to study and practice to become safe drivers. It is our goal to help them accomplish this task.

Our Safe Teen Driving Programs that we host in many the high schools across the state of Florida in safety assemblies and fairs, as well as interactive video conferences, address many of the concerns and risk factors our teens face on our roadways. Some of the programs we offer include Florida Road Safety Week, The Safe Teen Driving Awareness Week, The Driver Education Conference, and along with many other programs that we have running year round.

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