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Adapted Vehicles

Receive Training on How to Use New Adaptive Equipment

Both new and experienced drivers need training on how to safely use newly installed adaptive equipment. Your equipment installer and driver rehabilitation specialist should provide information on the new devices and off-road instruction.

But literature and off-road instruction aren’t enough to equip you to drive safely with your new adaptive equipment. This equipment can be very complex. So it’s extremely important to obtain on-the-road training and practice with a driver rehabilitation specialist who has advanced expertise and knowledge of adaptive technologies. If your driver rehabilitation specialist does not offer such training, ask him or her for a referral, or inquire at your local driver licensing office.

State vocational rehabilitation departments and workers’ compensation will pay for driver education and training under certain circumstances. At a minimum, their staffs can help you locate a qualified driver rehabilitation specialist to provide training.

Finally, remember to enlist the help of a family member or friend to drive you to all of your training sessions. (It’s important to have someone else who can drive your vehicle in case of an emergency.)

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