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Zero Distracted Drivers Movement


  • Partner with Communities, Schools and Businesses to Reduce Distracted driving.

  • Advocate for legislation that impacts and eliminates distracted driving.

  • Educate the Public and Drivers about the perils of Distracted Driving.

  • Promote Safe Driving habits with a focus on curtailing teen distracted driving.

  • Support and advance the Distracted Driver’s Education programs nationwide.


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The Zero Distracted Drivers Movement

Dori Saves Lives formed the Zero Distracted Drivers Movement out of necessity. Every day, people are seriously injured or killed because of distracted drivers. No matter how careful you drive, one text message can be the difference between life and death. You could be next.

Disturbing Facts About Distracted Driving

  • 3,450 deaths were caused by distracted drivers in 2016.

  • 391,100 injuries were caused by distracted drivers in 2015.

  • 80% of car crashes are attributed to a driver being distracted.

  • Car crashes are the number one killer of teens in the United States

Preventable Tragedies

Any activity that a driver engages in while on the road, other than driving itself, is considered distracted driving. This includes talking or texting on a cell phone, eating food, using a navigation system, putting on makeup, and interacting with passengers.

Tragedies caused by distracted drivers are not unpredictable acts of nature beyond the control of driver decision making. They are preventable incidents caused by a lack of driver education, poor driving habits, bad decision making, reckless abandonment of common sense, insufficient legislation and the enforcement of traffic laws.

Lack of Education and Awareness of Impact

Distracted drivers are unaware how dangerous distracted driving is.

Problem: It is often a lack of education and awareness for the real-life every day impact of distracted drivers actions, rather than purposeful and malicious intent, that perpetuates the high rate of distracted driving.

Example: One text message takes five seconds to read or write. This is the equivalent of driving the length of a football field at 55 mph while blindfolded.

Solution: We will counteract this lack of knowledge by supporting and advancing driver’s educational programs nationwide. Advanced programs that will teach and show participants, through not only statistics, but also demonstrations and simulations, the impact their non-driving activities have on their ability to drive safely. 


Problem: Many states have passed laws aimed to combat distracted driving, but they are insufficient.

Example: In Florida it is illegal to text while driving, but only as secondary enforcement. Police officers are unable to pull over offenders and enforce the law unless another primary law, such as speeding, is broken as well. 

Solution: We will advocate for legislation that will simultaneously improve public safety and bolster enforcement.

Envisioning The Future

Together; The Zero Distracted Drivers Movement will support and advance education for the general public and educators pertaining to the impact of distracted driving and the promotion of safe driving habits.

Together; By raising awareness and understanding of this epidemic, the pathway towards community demanded legislative action will be paved. ​​​​​​

Together; The movement will drive towards drastically reducing and ultimately eliminating preventable roadway fatalities and serious injuries caused by distracted driving.


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