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Lesson Plans


Lesson Plans

This Could Be You is a video provided to you by The Dori Slosberg Foundation. This video follows the true story of two teens in prison for killing people while driving drunk.

Please use this video as a teaching tool to educate your students about the dangers of drinking and driving. For your convenience, a lesson plan that partners with this video is provided below. As part of this lesson plan, your students can log on to and answer three questions pertaining to the video.

For more details, please review the lesson plan:

Teacher will introduce video, This Could Be You, a road safety video from

  1. Teacher will show 23-minute video to class.
  2. Teacher will explain that for homework, students will log on to to answer three questions pertaining to video.
  3. Teacher will explain upon completion of homework, students should print the “completion certificate” provided at the end of the questionnaire.
  4. Teacher will explain that two hours of community service may also be earned by providing “completion certificate” to school’s guidance department.


Questions Students will answer on

  • Do you feel Karly Tomica’s 4-year prison sentence was fair? Explain your answer.
  • If you were Daniel Rocca and you wanted to apologize after the accident, to whom would you apologize? What would you say?
  • How many people do you know who text and drive? What are some things you can do to encourage safe driving?

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