Victims Shrine on Palmetto Near Turnpike

Remembering Dori Slosberg: 23 Years Later

Feb. 23, 1996, is the day that a nightmare began, and a day that will forever be remembered by South Florida Residents. 

Seven middle-school students squeezed into the back seat of a Honda Civic, agreeing to leave a bowling alley with two older teens they had just met.

The Honda's driver careened west on Palmetto Park Road at 90 mph, hit a median and slammed into an oncoming car.

One teen was paralyzed; Four girls and one boy were killed, including Dori Slosberg.

Emily Slosberg, Dori's twin, survived with extremely serious injuries.

For two years following the crash, Irv Slosberg, the father of Dori and Emily, did little else than work out, go to Starbucks, and visit the cemetery to mourn.

He says it consumed 100 percent of his mind. One day he realized, he could continue to feel sorry for himself, or run for office and become an agent of change.

Despite having no prior political experience at the time, in 2000 Irv Slosberg ran and won an election for the Florida House of Representatives 91. He has dedicated his life to road safety. A dedication that Emily Slosberg has carried on by being elected House Representative as well. A position she holds today, serving in the same seat her father once held.

In 2004, Irv Slosberg and Emily Slosberg started Dori Saves Lives, also known as the  Dori Slosberg Foundations, to end distracted driving, encourage seat belt compliance, discourage drunken driving and work with law enforcement on all driver safety issues.

As we come upon 23 years after the crash that killed Dori, we find the distracted driving problem has turned into an epidemic. 

A cell phone glued to every driver's hand, unaware, or uncaring, of the deadly consequences.

In 2016, 3,500 people were killed by distracted driving and another 400,000 were injured across the US.


In honor of Dori Slosberg's memory, we ask you to join the Zero Distracted Drivers Movement. Help to fight, educate, and advocate to end this nationwide crisis. Fill out the form below.

Dori Slosberg
Emily Slosberg Remembering Dori Slosberg
Emily Slosberg Remembering Dori Slosberg
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