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Teen Impact

Dori Saves Lives Teen Road Safety Club


  • Partner with Students to create a movement to Reduce Distracted Driving and Promote Safe Driving.

  • Fundamental road safety topics we address: Distracted Driving, Drunk and Drugged Driving, Seatbelt Compliance, Reckless Driving, Speeding, Aggressive Driving, Drowsy Driving, Passenger Behavior, Pedestrian Safety, and Bicycle Safety. 

  • Promote Safe Driving Habits with a focus on curtailing Teen Distracted and Impaired Driving.

  • Support club members and encourage them to share the message of safe driving with their friends, families, teachers, and communities through assemblies, events, and campaigns.


Dori Saves Lives Teen Road Safety Clubs provide students with the opportunity to become part of a team of teens that make a true difference on the roadways and save lives of teen drivers and the lives of victims of fatal teen driver motor vehicle crashes. 

This program instills the importance of civic engagement and making positive contributions to the community. Teens who regularly participate in positive social projects designed to help their peers are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. Plus, community service hours are provided for participation!

Teens are empowered to spread the word among their peers about deadly driving risks and encourage them to make smart choices while behind the wheel and as passengers. Students develop the ability to make sound judgments, they gain self-respect and courage. 


Step 1: Identify a traffic safety problem specifically affecting you and other teens in your school and/or community.

Step 2: Recruit a minimum of 15 students at your school who would like to be part of a Dori Saves Lives Club. Find peers with similar concerns and gather at lunch to discuss strategies to organize a club.

Step 3: Talk to your guidance counselor or student services department about starting a Dori Saves Lives Road Safety Club at your school.

Step 4: Safety Day/Pledge Day - Ask a teacher to help you plan a day to share safe driving messages and materials. You can also post a large banner or sheet that students can use to sign a pledge to be safe drivers.

Step 5: Design Posters - Make posters with safe driving messages and images to hang in hallways, parking lots and other creative places around your school.

Step 6: Report back to Dori Saves Lives, and provide us with the name, email, and phone number of the staff member who has authorized a club at your school, library, or community center.


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Our Safety Partners

  • HNTB Corporation is an architecture, civil engineering consulting and construction management firm.

  • A global infrastructure advisory firm providing practical solutions.

  • Road construction company in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

  • Volkert: Engineering, environmental consulting, program management, and construction services.

  • TranSystems provides engineering and architectural planning, design and construction solutions.

  • Bryan & Associates PA
    Bryan & Associates PA

    Bryan & Associates PA