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The Dori Saves Lives Clubs


  • Partner with Students to create a movement to Reduce Distracted Driving and Promote Safe Driving.

  • Advocate for legislation that impacts and eliminates Teen distracted and Impaired driving.

  • Educate Student Drivers about the perils of Distracted and Impaired Driving.

  • Promote Safe Driving Habits with a focus on curtailing Teen Distracted and Impaired Driving.

  • Support club members and encourage them to share the message of safe driving with their friends, families, teachers, and communities through assemblies, events, and campaigns.


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Our Safety Partners

  • Geico Philanthropic Foundation

  • The Florida Transportation Builders' Association, Inc.

  • FDOT, The Florida Department of Transportation, regulates public transportation in Florida.

  • Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, a cabinet agency of the Florida government

  • The Allstate Foundation creates prosperous communities to fulfill hopes and dreams.

  • Silver & Silver
    Silver & Silver

    Silver & Silver Safety Partner

  • Health Care District of Palm Beach County

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; United States Department of Transportation

  • Enterprise Holdings private foundation, giving back to communities.

  • The Express Car Wash, a proud sponsor of Dori Saves Lives and other community endeavors.

  • HNTB Corporation is an architecture, civil engineering consulting and construction management firm.

  • A global infrastructure advisory firm providing practical solutions.

  • Road construction company in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

  • Volkert: Engineering, environmental consulting, program management, and construction services.

  • TranSystems provides engineering and architectural planning, design and construction solutions.