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This Could Be You Video



This Could Be You is a video provided to you by The Dori Slosberg Foundation. This video follows the true story of two teens in prison for killing people while driving drunk.

All teen drivers need to be reminded of how to be responsible for their own safety and the outcomes of intentional acts of irresponsible behavior. This video will remind the students to not engage in anything questionable while driving a vehicle. This is accomplished through the heartbreaking, real life consequences shared in the video. It educates teen drivers on different legal and medical issues involved with dangerous actions, how to avoid peer pressure and the difficult decisions that they face on the road.

This video presents the tragedy of drinking and driving through the eyes of legal personnel, family members and teens themselves.  The film focuses on the devastation that occurs when people drink and drive.  Some have survived, and some haven’t.  


This Could Be You Homework Assignment & Community Service Hours

After watching the video, 'This Could Be You', complete this homework assignment. 

When you finish answering the following questions, click Submit.

A Two Community Service Hours Certificate will be sent after homework is submitted.


#1 Do you feel Karlie Tomica’s 4 year prison sentence was fair? Elaborate.
#2 If you were Daniel Rocca and you wanted to apologize after the accident, to whom would you apologize? What would you say?
#3 Do you people you know who drink and drive? Elaborate.
#4 What are some things you can do to encourage safe driving?

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